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MARKETING: Mastering Acceleration & Monetization Mastermind Course

Marketing: Mastering Acceleration & Monetization Mastermind Course is an Experience for Kingdom Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Visionaries Networks that will reveal to you marketing principles for building an empire & expand without limits!


What you will learn:

  • 6 Modules of How to not fail at marketing
  • The most important law to understand in marketing
  • How to craft an offer
  • How to find an audience
  • How to build trust online
  • How to schedule content
  • How to build facebook custom audiences
  • The power of the dms
  • Instagram growth myths
  • We grew from 19k to 1.3 million followers on Tiktok 
  • How to make your brand go VIRAL on TikTok
  • How To Optimize Your TikTok Feed To Show Anything You Want 
  • Tiktok organic Step by Step guide! The strategy I used to do over 6 figures! 
  • How to advertise using TikTok Influencers 
  • How to grow your twitter account from scratch
  • The Five Biggest Mistakes You Make on Twitter 
  • My 10 Twitter Growth Laws
  • Seven Underrated Twitter Strategies 
  • Reaching USA Audience Organic Tik Tok 
  • 6 simple ways to build social proof for your Ecom store 
  • Hacks to Reduce Checkout Abandonment Rate and Boost Conversions 
  • 10 copywriting hacks to write high-converting copy 
  • 7 Steps to Funnel Hacking My Competitors Ecom Brand 
  • Simplifying The Site Funnel _ Home Page 
  • Ecom Brand Funnel Breakdown 
  • The TikTok Funnel Strategy to Convert Followers to your Offer 
  • Algorithmic 2.0 Targeting 
  • How to set an ads campaign from 0 + hacks
  • How to read the data
  • Ads Manager - Manage How to scale ads - Campaigns - 12 August 2022
  • How to retarget audiences in FB & IG
  • How to make LLA's

MARKETING: Mastering Acceleration & Monetization Mastermind Course