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Kings & Queens E-Book


Kings & Queens E-Book will Help you to Discover Who you are as a Child of God, What you Have and What you Can Do. Will reveal to you the Keys of How to Manifest The Promises of God and Live the Exedigly Abundantly Life!


What You Will Learn:

  • Mornings Blessings Declaration
  • The Blessing Living In The Kingdom
  • The Blessing: The Laws In The Kingdom
  • The Blessing Hidden Wealth Treasures
  • Kings & Queens Say It, Command To It
  • The Words Of A King Become A Law To Speak To Things
  • Kings & Queens In Slavery: Your Words Are A Platform For Your Increase
  • The Blessing: The Covenant Of Exceedingly Abundantly Above Mindset
  • The Blessing: The Covenant Multiply Exceedingly Abundantly Fruit Sowing A Seed
  • The Blessing: The Covenant Of Favour Multiplied
  • Money-Monday Speak, Decree And Command (100 X 1000)
  • Covenant Law Of Sowing, Reaping And Expecting Your Miracle
  • The Covenant Blessings VS The Curses: Penalty Of Disobedience

Kings & Queens E-Book